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Gamedev.js Weekly is a weekly newsletter about Web Game Development, sent every Friday. It was created by Andrzej Mazur from Enclave Games at the beginning of 2014. The first issue was sent out on Friday, January 10th 2014, and the newsletter gets emailed to subscribers every single week since then.

The list currently holds about 8000 active subscribers via Mailchimp. It is built and managed organically — only those who really want to subscribe are doing so, and inactive or spam accounts are regularly removed. Open rates are around 25-35% a week after publication, with 6-12% click rates.


Do you have anything you want to share with the Web Game Development community through the newsletter? If yes, then please let us know by contacting us directly with all the details!

Share interesting resources with fellow folks, either yours or anything you have found online that fit the topic. Content submitted by readers ends up in a newsletter once every 2-3 issues on average, and we'd love to see even more involvement from you!


You can also show appreciation by visiting Gamedev.js Shop and buying a unique Gamedev.js Weekly t-shirt.


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