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Gamedev.js Weekly #94

If you have anything you want to share with the HTML5 game development community please let me know by sending an email to andrzej.mazur@end3r.com.
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Seven tips for the healthy programmer
While programming isn't considered a dangerous occupation with a lot of hazards, a surprising number of developers suffer from health issues.
Bart Jacobs at Tuts+ Code

How much is too much?
When we ask something of the player, it should be the only thing they are being asked to actively think about and deal with.
Asher Einhorn at Gamasutra

Baby steps to an artificial intelligence
An artificial intelligence will ask the basic questions: What’s my target? Where is it? Can I reach it? How do I reach it? What do I react to?
Alex at Juicy Beast

5 tips for designing great game characters
For developers, game characters are key to a game’s success. Players relate to well-designed characters which makes the game experience feel real.
Scott Johnston at Spil Games

Stuck for your next game's theme? Try these 6 ideas
We'll look at six broad themes that have never become as prevalent as WWII or Modern Military, and that could suit many different gameplay genres.
Matthias Zarzecki at Tuts+ Game Development

So you're going to be an Indie parent
I’ve been meaning to make some notes about what it’s like to be a fun-employed dad in a creative industry. Now’s as good a time as any I suppose.
Adam Saltsman at Gamasutra

HTML5 game to iOS - choosing a platform
I evaluated options available to wrap a canvas-based game into an iOS App. I looked at PhoneGap, Ejecta and CocoonJS.
Martin Drapeau at Code + Tennis

The struggles of publishing a JavaScript library
At the end of the day, you are giving away your labor for free, so you shouldn’t feel obligated to bend over backwards for anybody.
Nolan Lawson at Read the Tea Leaves


How to master screen orientation with HTML5
Jérôme Lecomte covers techniques he uses to detect and control screen orientation changes while creating an HTML5 mobile game.
Jérôme Lecomte at Creative Bloq

Creating an accessible Breakout game using Web Audio and SVG
I decided to work on creating a game that uses WebGL and is fully accessible, to prove that visual games aren’t inherently inaccessible.
David Rousset at SitePoint

2D Breakout game using pure JavaScript
In this step-by-step tutorial we create a simple MDN Breakout game written entirely in pure JavaScript and rendered on HTML5 Canvas.
MDN Games


WebGLStudioJS - 3D development environment for the web

Phaser Nano - highly optimized framework created for super low file size environments


CocoonIO developer template for Construct 2

Making your first HTML5 game with Phaser eBook


Secrets behind the success of Monument Valley by Ken Wong at Bridge

SF WebVR meetup: building the VR metaverse


Defender 88 on GameJolt

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