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Gamedev.js Weekly #9


Citybound - The Beginning
Creating an indie city simulation game.
Citybound DevBlog

HTML5 will play an essential role in our future
Spil Games' Robbert Van Os discusses his new role as HTML5 Advocate.
James Batchelor at Develop

JavaScript Cross-compilation Mobile App Development
If you are a mobile geek or are dreaming of being one, then here is your opportunity to indulge with Cognizant's mobility expert, Peter Rogers.
Kevin Benedict at MobileEnterpriseStrategies

TreSensa Raises $2M To Help Build And Distribute Games For The Mobile Web
TreSensa, which offers tools for the development and distribution for mobile games, is announcing that it has raised $2 million in Series A funding.
Anthony Ha at TechCrunch

Featured from our sponsor

Robbert van Os: Focus on HTML5 | Casual Connect Video
At Casual Connect Europe, Spil Games announced the Spil Games Platform. Robbert van Os states, “I am very excited about the monetization approach. Spil’s announcement can speed up the adoption of the HTML5 games market.”


Phaser Introduction
I'm trying out a game engine called Phaser.

JavaScript Game Development - Managing States
Games, even a simplistic one, often has several distinct states of execution.
Casper Beyer

Add a touch gamepad to your HTML5 game
Many touch games are not nearly as great as their console counterparts simply because they have crummy controllers.
David Washington


Student Game Developers: Got Game?
Develop a mobile-friendly HTML5 game to win $2,500 and other great prizes.


New Beta of Free Rider HD

Age of Ascent - world's largest videogame PvP battle attempt

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