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Gamedev.js Weekly #89


Stereoscopic rendering in WebVR
I wanted to show some of the differences in rendering techniques developers have to account for when building their first VR experience.
Nick Desaulniers at Mozilla Hacks

Where have all the Flash developers gone?
It's that time of year again! Flash is dying, dying, doomed.
Lars Doucet at Gamasutra

Super Mario Maker review: the blueprint
By giving the keys to the Mushroom Kingdom to players in such an approachable way, Super Mario Maker does something beyond the scope of most user-generated content-heavy games.
Griffin McElroy at Polygon

Public vote validates Unsung Heroes: they’re games worth playing
The public has picked its favorite five of the 22 Unsung Heroes semifinalists with over 6,000 mobile game players voting.
Scott Johnston at Spil Games

9 more inexplicably underused game genres for your next project
In each genre, there are one or two huge examples of games, but barely any others. Let's revisit these genres and change that!
Matthias Zarzecki at Tuts+ Game Development

The 5 myths of the Indiepocalypse
It’s the notion that indies are going to have an increasingly difficult time making a living now that mobile and Steam are both “flooded” with games.
Ryan Clark at Gamasutra

4 ways to teach your players how to play your game
We all hate in-game tutorials. When we buy a game, we want to jump straight into the action, not spend ages reading through menus and flowcharts of moves.
Darran Jamieson at Tuts+ Game Development

Post mortems of js13kGames 2015 entries


Pure JavaScript poker hand analyzer to be used (also) in puzzle games
No matter the kind of game you are about to make using Poker rules, you have to be able to check what’s in the players hand.
Emanuele Feronato's blog

How to make an infinitely scrolling game with Phaser
I decided to create something that would not only show how to scroll seamlessly through an infinite world, but also be relatable.
Kristen Dyrr at Zenva Academy

Animating skeletons without necromancy
It's not a fully working skeletal animation library, but it's on MIT license, so you are free to modify it and to use it in your game if you like.
Marco Emiliozzi on GitHub


160 HTML5 games submitted to js13kGames 2015


Phaser Inspector Plugin

A slider UI component for Phaser


Interphase 1 is out

List of free and paid game assets


HTML5 deck of cards

Shadertoy - plasma waves


How much fun and money is there in rapid HTML5 game development?

How "oldschool" graphics worked


Keep Out! - a WebGL dungeon adventure

The big list of HTML5 card games that you can play on mobile and desktop devices

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