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Gamedev.js Weekly #83


Epic’s guru Tim Sweeney predicts augmented reality will eliminate monitors and TVs
“I believe that augmented reality will be the biggest technological revolution that happens in our lifetimes,” Sweeney said in his outstanding speech.
Dean Takahashi at GamesBeat

Down the Mountain developer Sven Magnus on the tricky nuances of cloning, and why he likes free-to-play
I chatted with Sven Magnus of Umbrella, asking him a few questions about Down the Mountain, how it was made, and about the mobile gaming market as general.
Carter Dotson at TouchArcade

7 life hacks to successfully promote your game
Your game is in Beta, lots of work done and lots of sleepless nights are past now. This is exactly the point when you should start promoting your title.
Renatus at HTML5 GameDevs forums

How to become a game programmer
I’m writing this post for the people I see as the future backbone of the mainstream games industry.
Keith O’Conor at FragmentBuffer

22 games represent the best Unsung Heroes
The Unsung Heroes Competition has reached the semi-final stage with 22 games being selected to go through to a public vote before the judges come to a decision.
Scott Johnston at Spil Games

HTML5 Rockstars: interview to Robert Podgorski from BlackMoon Design
This month’s HTML5 Rockstar is Robert Podgorski, from BlackMoon Design. Let’s learn more about him in our interview below!

Inching toward success
It’s amazing how comic artwork operates. It’s simplicity takes our greyscale, muddled color world and simplifies it into a shining example of a single concept.
Dennis Piatkowski at DWulf

Old car racing game Sprint by static binary translation
I made another static binary translation of a 6502 CPU-based arcade game to JavaScript. It is the old, but very nice car-racing game Sprint.
Norbert Kehrer at HTML5 GameDevs forums

How I became an artist
I am extraordinarily blessed to do what I love for a living. Somehow in the last decade I’ve turned a hobby into a profession and then into a lifestyle.
Noah Bradley at Medium

There are no lucky independent developers
It's pretty rare to bump into an independent developer whose success is due to luck.
Ben Kuchera at Polygon


How to incorporate satisfying death mechanics into your game
We'll take a look at different ways to deal with player death and failure, both good and bad. Some games manage to do both at the same time!
Matthias Zarzecki at Tuts+ Game Development

Getting started with the Phaser's Arcade physics system
The following video tutorial explains how to setup the Arcade physics system and gravity in your game.
Fariazz at GameDev Academy

Create a wheel of fortune for your HTML5 games with Phaser
When you want to reward your players with some random gift, a wheel of fortune is what you need.
Emanuele Feronato's blog


SSCDJS: Super Simple Collision Detection for JavaScript games

Tulip Engine

What's on the Phaser horizon


Dancing Cube: 3D audio analyser with ThreeJS and Web Audio API

3D Space Shooter demo



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