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Gamedev.js Weekly #82


The art of prototyping... and a prototype to match
I’ve learned a lot of things on my journey developing games. By far though one of the most useful skills I have learned is how to properly throw together a prototype for a potential game I want to create.
Isaac at Hey Did Ya Hear? Podcast

Why my first Indie game is free and only has a single, one-time IAP
With a lot of trepidation, but a glimmer of hope, I made the move to independent development.
John Sahas at Gamasutra

Play GTA V in your browser – sort of
Inspired by a blog post to run your own cloud gaming service which uses a VPN and Steam's In-Home Streaming, I thought I could do this, too, but in the browser.
Phoboslab's blog

Color in games
We look at color in games – its function, how technology has improved color display, and how our biology affect the perception of color.
Herman Tulleken at Gamasutra

MMA could be the next big thing in game development if its potential can conquer hype
Game developers are naturally suspicious of the hype that comes with new technology, but the revenue potential for Mobile Marketing Automation makes it worth a closer look.
Scott Johnston at Spil Games

Tips on designing room escape games
I decided to answer some of the most frequent issues that people inquire about from general tips, to trends, to how much to charge.
Adam Clare at Reality is a Game

How to fund your games by creating and selling game assets
I've been selling assets on the Unity Asset Store for two years, and I use a portion of the earnings to fund my game's marketing budget. I'll show you how you can do the same.
Oussama Bouanani at Tuts+ Game Development

16 trends that will define the future of video games
From the rise of gamer parents to transparent game design, a step-by-step prediction of how games will be made over the next five years.
Keith Stuart and Jordan Erica Webber at The Guardian

Writing a more compelling game narrative
As far as I can tell, game narrative is much more integral to marketing games than it is to the final product.
Will O'Neill at Indie Mega Booth

Razer says it will pay what Ouya owes to indie devs
Razer will make good on more than $600,000 in funds potentially owed indie developers as part of Ouya's Free the Games initiative, the company's CEO tells Polygon.
Brian Crecente at Polygon


Making a game API server using Node.js: revisited
In this article we're going to revisit original three posts and change them to keep up with the latest NodeJS and Express Framework standards as well as the latest NodeJS SDK version of Couchbase.
Nic Raboy at Couchbase blog

Tilemaps with invisible collision layer in Phaser
While there are several TileMap tutorials for Phaser out there, I didn't find any using Phaser 2.3 with the P2 physics. For this reason I decided to write my own tutorial.
Bernhard Thiel at Tales Told and Untold

Down the Mountain movement HTML5 prototype: going down the mountain
You will play with left and right arrow keys, to go down respectively on the left or on the right of the current block/hexagon.
Emanuele Feronato's blog


List of the best meetups and conferences for HTML5 game developers by GamePix


Phaser 2.4 released (with 2.4.2 update already available)


The miracle of nature

Feudal Wars map editor built in Phaser


Every jRPG ever


Familiars Guild is a work-in-progress 3D turn-based-tactics strategy RPG

Ball So Simple, the only HTML5 entry in the Slavic Game Jam 2015

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