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Gamedev.js Weekly #79


Mozilla Games Technology Roadmap
In furthering the advantages and appeal of the Web as a platform for games and game technologies, Mozilla is publishing its games-focused roadmap. In short, it’s all about high-performance, plugin-free games on the Web.
Martin Best at Mozilla Future Releases blog

Building Flight Arcade: behind the scenes with WebGL, WebAudio and GamePad API
I’d like to highlight some of the new Web technologies behind Flight Arcade and show developers how the demo came together behind the scenes.
Microsoft Edge Team at Windows blog

7 essential resources for understanding motivation in games
Motivation is an important topic for game designers and social scientists. I provide a list of 7 articles and books that anyone who is interested in motivation should know about.
Full News

Now open: the summer camp for professional game developers
They are living and working together in cabins. The Swedish word for cabin is "stugan." This is also the name of the project, which is being organized along with other senior Swedish developers.
Colin Campbell at Polygon

Creating a crisp, engaging trailer for a pixel art game, from inception to reception
A game's trailer is extremely important, so rather than release some mediocre video recordings during pre-alpha development I decided to let gifs show off the animation while keeping the audio side of things to myself.
Josh Ge at Gamasutra

SIGGRAPH 2015: games, graphics and more
The graphics conference returns to Los Angeles this August, increasing its focus on games development. Games chair Mike Hardison offers a look at what attendees can expect from this year’s event
Develop Online

22 games represent the best Unsung Heroes
Unsung Heroes - giving awesome mobile games the chance they deserveThe Unsung Heroes Competition has reached the semi-final stage with 22 games being selected to go through to a public vote before the judges come to a decision about the winner.
Scott Johnston at Spil Games

Why we need WebAssembly - an interview with Brendan Eich
Brendan Eich and Eric Elliott discuss WebAssembly details and misconceptions.
Eric Elliott at Medium

Designing a mobile game technology stack
This article describes the technology stack that we designed and that allows us to release new games rapidly without having to worry about non-gameplay functionality, databases or API hosting.
Ruud van Falier at Gamasutra

Marvell brings JavaScript to the smallest devices ever
Marvell today has expanded its solutions for embedded and IoT product prototyping.
Brent at InsertHTML

The best wrappers to build native apps from HTML5 games
We’ve created the list of the best tools to wrap and package your HTML5 game to native apps for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and other native platforms.

Mario looks very sharp in Unreal Engine 4
If you always wanted Nintendo to make a 3D Mario game using some of the best technology in the games industry, you're going to want to watch this video.
Emanuel Maiberg at GameSpot

Playing is winning
Playing, just playing, almost any kind of playing, is victory enough. Because it makes you more alive, more engaged in your body/mind, in the world.
Bernard De Koven at Deep Fun

Going indie and making it work
Going indie is scary. You say goodbye to a steady income in order to achieve creative and/or financial freedom, and you suddenly have 10x the amount of things you need to take care of, things you didn't even thought about a week before the big step.
Attilio Carotenuto at Gamasutra


Guitar Tuner
Given we have the Web Audio API and getUserMedia, I wondered if I could make a passable guitar tuner. Looks like I can, and in the process I learned way more stuff about audio than I care to mention. I thought I'd do a breakdown of what went into building it.
Paul Lewis at Aerotwist

Pure JavaScript perfect tile maze generation – with a bit of magic thanks to Phaser
I am always been in love with mazes and maze games, I created some prototypes about mazes some years ago and now it’s time to re-introduce them again because I want to expand the concept of perfect mazes to create some games.
Emanuele Feronato's blog

Creating a fully multiplayer TicTacToe on Plynd
This series of posts covers how to create a fully multiplayer TicTacToe game on Plynd. We will obtain at the end a TicTacToe game, synchronized in realtime with Plynd servers.
Plynd Developers Blog

Pure JavaScript A* maze solving – with a bit of magic thanks to Phaser and EasyStarJS
There isn’t any maze without an algorithm to solve it, and one of the most famous algorithms used in maze solving is the so-called A*.
Emanuele Feronato's blog



Fun with primes


Tap Them All

Woodventure: Mahjong Connect

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