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Gamedev.js Weekly #78


I am retiring from Indie Game Dev
It’s no longer about just making games. Instead it’s all about games that stand out, and games people want. For every indie you know, there are hundreds you don’t. It’s not practical to just make games and hope to make a living.
Mike Kasprzak at tooNormal

The 22 best strategy games on PC
Strategy games were first invented way back in 1938 when Winston Churchill looked out of an aeroplane window over France and thought hey, this would make a really cool videogame, whatever that is.

Five tips for surviving as a stay-at-home indie game dev
I was getting into some bad habits which were taking a toll not only on me, but on the people close to me. The following is a list of five tips which I wish I’d known when I started out.
Daniel Black at Gamasutra

Numbers getting bigger: the design and math of incremental games
There are three easily-overlooked but important areas of design that I want to highlight: the quality of exploration and discovery, the difference between 'idle' and 'clicker' expressions of the genre, and the importance of coherent theme and art.
Alexander King at Tuts+ Game Development

MMA could be the next big thing in game development if its potential can conquer hype
Game developers are naturally suspicious of the hype that comes with new technology, but the revenue potential for Mobile Marketing Automation makes it worth a closer look.
Scott Johnston at Spil Games

Goo Create update: the bin is packing
With this release, we’re introducing Asset Packs. Where before you only had a long list of materials, textures, scripts and what not, you can now organize all resources into packs. Items yet to be organized are put in a Default Pack.
Goo Create blog

Cocoon Beta update – forums, plugins and fixes
The Cocoon Forums are finally available. We have also been working on some bug fixes that you have reported through the feedback widget or mail.
Cocoon blog

8 archetypes for break-testing your game
Break your gameWhen I was little I played cards with my grandmother. I loved playing cards with my grandmother. She always lost.
Filip Wiltgren at Gamasutra

The big list of free Video Editor software to promote your HTML5 game
You guys should already know that, when you make a game, you need to promote it in order to make it interesting for players.


A random dungeon generator for PhaserJS
The following tutorial helps you build a room-and-halls type randomly generated map.
Chad at Perplexing Technology

Pure JavaScript Sudoku generator/solver
Several years ago I already showed you a Sudoku generator/solver using PHP and another using AS3, today I am showing you the JavaScript version because I am going to create a visual Sudoku game using some popular frameworks.
Emanuele Feronato's blog

Using EasyStarJS to implement pathfinding in Tizen game projects
We are showing the A* algorithm implementation for JavaScript and Tizen through the use of the EasyStarJS library.
Tizen Developers

Simulate planet gravity with Phaser + Box2D as seen on Angry Birds Space
Having a new Angry Bird game on my phone reminded me of the old Angry Birds Space and the AS3+Box2D tutorial I made three years ago. Following the same concept, I made the same thing using Phaser and the Box2D plugin.
Emanuele Feronato's blog


js13kGames 2015 started posting prizes


Cellauto - cellular automata in JavaScript


Flight Arcade WebGL simulator

Chill the lion


Coon's Escape

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