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Gamedev.js Weekly #76


Build an HTML5 game — and distribute it
Most recently I've finished Build an HTML5 Game by Karl Bunyan and thought I’d share my thoughts on it. Later, we’ll take a look at some alternative ways other than links to share and distribute HTML5 games.
Nick Desaulniers at Mozilla Hacks

Desura and Indie Royale parent company files for bankruptcy
The filing comes in the wake of reports that surfaced last month that game developers were not being paid for game sales made through Desura.
Andy Chalk at PCGamer

How Mozilla plans to build VR into the foundation of the Web
The biggest things that we need are support for building native-feeling immersive VR sites, users who have access to the necessary hardware to experience VR, and finally a compelling reason for developers to create or adapt existing sites.
Vlad Vukicevic and Josh Carpenter at Road to VR

Indie lessons from the Fallout 4 announcement
It’s my belief that while small game studios can’t-and shouldn’t-emulate the marketing strategies of the AAA houses, we can still learn from whatever campaign happens to be rolling out all over the internet.
Astrid Rosemarin at Gamasutra

Fallout Shelter is making more money than Candy Crush Saga
We felt like we wanted to err on the side of caution and make it very unobtrusive, make sure it was fun first and foremost.
Matthew Bennett at EGMNOW

Unsung Heroes: Localization — finding a way to take on the whole world
People play games while they’re waiting for a bus, or picking their kids. They want a game that is easy to pick up and put down, is challenging, and keeps them thinking.
Scott Johnston at Spil Games

Get my first indie minibook: From null to full HTML5 cross platform game
Today I am ready to show you the project I have been working during these days: my first indie minibook called From null to full HTML5 cross platform game.
Emanuele Feronato's blog

Indie devs report Steam refund abuse from PC gamers, show graphs to back their claims
It appears that Steam’s new refund policy will hurt indie developers more than they initially thought.
John Papadopoulos at Dark Side of Gaming

Could Steam's refund policy have a weird effect on game design?
In addition to being able to cancel a pre-purchase before the game releases, you can now request a refund within two weeks of release, provided you haven’t played for more than two hours.
Tyler Wilde at PCGamer

HTML5 Rockstars: Interview to Biagio Iannuzzi from Code This Lab
The HTML5 Rockstar of this month is Biagio Iannuzzi, co-founder of Code This Lab, one of the strongest italian studios in the HTML5 games fields (and not only)!


How to create a loading screen in Phaser
In Phaser, you can create loading screens by using States. This tutorial explains how to use a State to create a loading screen with progress bar for your game.
Fariazz at GameDev Academy

A beginner's guide to coding graphics shaders: part 2
We're going to be using ThreeJS as our framework to run shaders in the browser. WebGL is the Javascript API that will allow us to render shaders.
Omar Shehata at Tuts+ Game Development

HTML5 prototype of the Iromeku game engine made with Phaser
You have a game panel of a few colored squares and, using color affecting tiles, your objective is to change your panel to match that of the target.
Emanuele Feronato's blog

Making your first HTML5 game with Phaser
There is a great open source game development framework called Phaser that we will use. You will learn about sprites, game states and how to use the preload, create and update methods.
Danny Markov at Tutorialzine


Armadillo framework - control HTML5 games with mobile devices


ItchIO game assets


Recreating The Birdman opening credits with the Web Audio API


PlayCanvas Promo Summer 2015


Formula Unplugged

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