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Gamedev.js Weekly #70


The 7 habits of highly successful game developers
I present to you seven habits that game developers should adopt if they wish to succeed.
Daniel Doan at Black Shell Media

CRT simulation in Super Win the Game
Over the last few years, I've released a couple of indie games which have featured pixel art processed through a CRT simulation shader.
Kyle Pittman at Gamasutra

Everyone who has finished a game with a bigger scope. How did you came up with a right architecture?
Do you care about reusability and flexibility of your solutions - or just craft anything that will get the game done.
Rezoner at Reddit

Unsung Heroes: frustrated in getting an audience for a great mobile game
A massive amount of time and passion went into creating the puzzle game Socioball. Yet it hasn’t been the success that Shailesh hoped for and he is at a loss to explain why.
Scott Johnston at Spil Games

Here's how you build an augmented reality game for HoloLens
Now you're thinking with holograms.
Adi Robertson at The Verge

Hands-on Microsoft HoloLens: GamePix tested the device of the future at Build 2015
Our CEO Edouard was among those few, but very fortunate, people to have tested the huge potential of HoloLens, the first fully untethered, see-through holographic computer.

You have to hack this massively multiplayer game to beat it
Dozens of bears attacking a player in one Pwn Adventure scene. The only way to survive long enough to open the treasure chest is to hack the game's code.
Andy Greenberg at Wired


How to include AdMob ads in your HTML5 iOS game using PhoneGap
In a previous post I showed you how to go from HTML5 to iOS native game with PhoneGap in order to publish your HTML5 games on the App Store, now it’s time to see how to include ads into your free game.
Emanuele Feronato's blog

Recreating my old game in Construct 2
This is Post Mortem and almost tutorial showing the process of creating my game “Mash for Three” while trying to understand how Construct 2 works.
Damian Komorowski at Medium

ThreeJS - importing MD2 3D animated models
This article describes the pipeline of converting an animated MD2 model to work with the ThreeJS library.
Tizen Developers


Ezelia Gui Library for Pixi and Phaser

l1 Path Finder


New PlayCanvas Editor documentation

Phaser 3 Development Log 6


Dynamo - a really lovely browser based physics sandbox

P2JS + PlaygroundJS


Ninja games in the Firefox Marketplace

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