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Gamedev.js Weekly #7


Top 12 Best HTML5 Games of Year 2013
Everyone loves to play games and when it comes to play online games than it becomes the most interesting thing to do on the internet.

Compiling Quake 3 Virtual Machines To JavaScript
Lately, I've spent most of my free time working on the QuakeJS project, which is a port of ioquake3 to the browser.

Developer Interview: PhobosLab on XType Plus, Impact and Why the Nintendo Web Framework Matters
We caught up with Dominic Szablewski, the man behind PhobosLab, XType Plus and the Impact engine to gain greater insight on how the Nintendo Web Framework is shaking up browser-based development.
Darren Calvert at Nintendo Life

Where and how can we play HTML5 games?
The possibilities of accessing HTML5 games are almost endless. We have learned a lot about this through experiments, exploration of technology and the market.
Przemek at Bushido Games

Meet Enclave Games and Play Captain Rogers at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona
Thanks to Mozilla I will be going to the Mobile World Congress (that will be held on February 24-27 in Barcelona) to demo our HTML5 game Captain Rogers on the Firefox OS devices.
Enclave Games blog


Phaser Javascript Game Tutorial Series – Flappy Bird – Getting Started
Get ready, in the next 30-40 minutes we are going to create a Flappy Bird like game using the Phaser framework.
TechMeOut blog

Your first game in HTML5
Today I wanna help you to develop your first game, maybe its not that very funny game, but its your first step to jump in the game development world.
Flávio Silveira blog

How to make a Flappy Bird in HTML5 with Phaser
In this tutorial we are going to make a simplified version of Flappy Bird, in only 65 lines of Javascript.
Lessmilk blog


WebSID - Commodore 64

Bonus: giving back to the community

Kenney Donation pack
Thank Kenney for his assets widely used by many HTML5 demos and games - buy the mega pack for $1 or more.

OpenGameArt at Patreon
Support Open Game Art creator Bart Kelsey - it's the most known spot with graphic assets for your games.

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