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Gamedev.js Weekly #66


Mobile game development with the Device Orientation and Vibration APIs
You’ll need great execution to stand out from the crowd – using the Device Orientation and Vibration JavaScript APIs correctly can help.
Andrzej Mazur at Mozilla Hacks

A virtual joystick for Phaser
I needed a Virtual Joystick plugin for my game a few weeks ago, so I wrote my own.
Nguyen Tuan Anh at Medium

How a business plan can help your mobile game business
Though there are many new mobile game businesses springing up, not all of them actually take the time to write a business plan.
Jovan Johnson at Gamasutra

Squeezing more juice out of your game design
Game Juice is a pretty wide yet specific concept. As the term suggests, juicing is about taking a game that works and adding layers of satisfaction to improve game feel.
Nathan Lovato at GameAnalytics Blog

Breaking into China: the big localization debate
Developers can boost downloads 128% if they translate their apps into Chinese.
Scott Johnston at Spil Games

JS1K 2015: Defender
Last year, I entered JS1K for the first time with a game based on the 8-bit classic, Thrust. My entry for 2015 is another retro game — inspired by the arcade shooter Defender.
Keith Clark's blog

HTML5 Rockstars: Interview to Vladeta Marinkovic from FlashFooty
The HTML5 Rockstar of this month is Vladeta Marinkovic, co-founder of the FlashFooty indie studio and creator of two amazing games in our catalogue.
GamePix's blog

Independent games are rubbish?
The world does not lack opponents of the electronic Indie sector.
Marcin M. Drews at Indie Games Polska

Making character illustrations for a FPS game
We had made some full body character illustrations for the FPS game Zula, which is developed by Mad Byte Games.
Junxue Li at Gamasutra

Evolution of mobile gaming
Mobile phones have come a long way from bulky and heavy devices that let us talk from anywhere to anywhere, to our personal and portable entertainment companions.
Rahul Chowdhury at OneXtraPixel


Turn your HTML5 games into native iPhone apps in a matter of minutes with CocoonJS
Today I am showing you how to use Ludei‘s CocoonJS to start with an HTML5 game and end with an iOS native app.
Emanuele Feronato's blog

Code your first game: Arcade Classic in JavaScript on Canvas
Program a complete game today. No special software or install required. All you need is a text editor and a web browser.
Chris DeLeon at Udemy

I like to move it! Pathfinding and units movement
There are a lot of pathfinding algorithms, but the most suitable for games is Dijkstra algorithm or more smarty A* (A star).
Elvarion's blog


Gamygdala is an easy to use emotion engine for games

Overlap2D, a LibGDX based UI/Level Editor, goes open source


Phaser tutorials in Typescript

Classic Pixar texture library goes free


WebGL filters on HTML elements

Generating isometric tiles with SVG matricies

ThreeJS App Player examples


Pixel Slime

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