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Gamedev.js Weekly #61


Humble Bundle updates Humble Widget
Asm.js additions mean in-browser gaming.
Rachel Weber at GamesIndustryBiz

Ten top tips for developing HTML5 games
Spil Games and its various development partners offer advice on building games in this popular programming language.
Spil Games at Develop Online

Time to move towards secure hosting
Browser vendors are doing a lot to push towards securing the web, especially in the light of pervasive monitoring.
Ashley Gullen at Scirra

The unstoppable rise of mobile gaming
Mobile gaming has become ubiquitous in popular culture, maybe even more so than its traditional PlayStation and Xbox console gaming counterpart.
Dennis Scimeca at the Kernel mag

Remembering Leonard Nimoy in games
This isn’t something I’d normally write about, because the passing of a great actor isn’t really PC news.
Fraser Brown at PCGamesN

Breaking into China: the big localization debate
Deciding how much to localize games is key to developer strategy for cracking this huge market.
Scott Johnston at Spil Games

Asm.js speedups everywhere
Asm.js is an easy-to-optimize subset of JavaScript. It runs in all browsers without plugins, and is a good target for porting C/C++ codebases such as game engines – Unity 3D and Unreal Engine.
Alon Zakai and Luke Wagner at Mozilla Hacks

Unity 5 ships and brings one click WebGL export to legions of game developers
Mozilla’s goal of high quality plugin-free gaming on the Web is taking a giant leap forward today with the release of Unity 5.
The Mozilla blog

An early look at WebGL 2
Today, we’re introducing a preview of WebGL 2, which is still under development by the WebGL working group. WebGL 2 is based on OpenGL ES 3.0.
Martin Best at Future Releases

5 ways mobile web games can amp up your marketing
The largest addressable market in the history of media is forming as you read this, and it can be found in the pockets of billions of people around the globe.
Rob Grossberg at Entrepreneur

They wanted to make a video game phenomenon. They made $10 million. The story of Crossy Road.
A few years ago, Matt Hall, the 39-year-old co-creator of the enormously successful Crossy Road, was a struggling, unprofitable video games developer living on an Australian sheep farm owned by his parents, chasing a dream of success that had come true for some friends but eluded him.
Dave Tach at Polygon


Create an HTML5 game like “Drop Wizard” with Phaser – player fire, by extending sprite class
Now it’s time to make player fire each time the wizard touches a new platform, in the direction the wizard is facing on.
Emanuele Feronato's blog

HTML5 optimization tips: throttle input and requestAnimationFrame
In that post I’ll cover some techniques how to do that with minimum impact on frame rate with respect to browser internals: throttle and requestAnimationFrame in hands.
Elvarion's blog

How to make a toddler's game with the Phaser HTML5 framework
In this tutorial I'm gonna make a farm animal slider game vaguely inspired in Fisher-Price's Animal Sounds for Baby for Android using the HTML5 Phaser library.
Intel Developer Zone


Learn how to make 15 mobile games with Phaser and Cordova - last few days left


Human-readable way to describe easing equations

WaveForms is a free to use spline and path editor for Phaser


Realistic ocean simulation in WebGL

Seemore: physically based rendering in WebGL


HTML5 Mobile Game Development talk at the Brisbane Game Tech Meetup


River Raid Classic

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