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Gamedev.js Weekly #6


The Mobile Web Rises
Because the games are produced in HTML5 — and as a result can be supported cross platform — the cost of producing a mobile web game can be far cheaper than the cost of producing native games.
Rob Grossberg at Gamasutra

HTML5 Catches Up To Apple
As Apple’s market share slips to Google's surging little green robot, developers are increasingly turning to HTML5 as a way to embrace both iOS and Android.
Matt Asay at ReadWrite

You Can Now Play HTML5 games In Wii U Browser Thanks To PlayBoxie
The application allows you to play a variety of free HTML5 games on your Wii U GamePad or your TV via the web browser.
Sickr at My Nintendo News

PlayCanvas: Bringing community to 3D-gaming developers
Founded in 2011, PlayCanvas is “the world’s first cloud-hosted 3D-game development platform and it’s based entirely around HTML5 and WebGL” says founder Dave Evans.
Tamer Azer at The Renegade Times

Spil Games aims to have 1,000 HTML5 games by the end of the year
After a tough few years wrestling with technology, Spil Games says that HTML5 games are ready for prime time.
Dean Takahashi at VentureBeat

The Flappy Bird Craze Continues – Now Appearing As HTML5 Web Games
The proliferation of Flappy Bird clones following the abrupt departure of the game from iTunes has reached an all time high.
Mike Butcher at TechCrunch

Distributing HTML5 Web Apps in the Post PC World
In a world quickly moving toward mobile device adoption, there is a growing pressure for web developers to learn new languages in order to adapt to the ever-changing landscape of content delivery.
Jesse Freeman at Amazon Mobile App Distribution Blog


Building a Circular Tile Map World
Today I want to talk about an alternative world view, which I have kind of fallen in love with. A nice little round world that you can rotate and place various objects etc. It makes for a very cute little environment.
Lazyeels blog

Using CreateJS - EaselJS
In this tutorial we will be exploring the CreateJS suite of libraries. CreateJS is suite of JavaScript libraries and tools for building rich, interactive experiences with HTML5.
James Tyner at Tuts+ Code

Flying Fox Part 1 (Game Programming)
What interests me is that it is a one-finger game. This works for touch and I think has something to look at. So I'm now going to create a similar game that just uses a finger to move the hero forward.
Bob Thulfram at Firefox OS Gaming


Have You Seen YourSelf When You Are Drunk? - Making of a Fun WebGL Demo
You don’t look at your best, but you don’t remember the morning after, lucky you. So now you are sober, this demo will show you how you look when you are drunk.
Jerome Etienne at Learning Three.js

Spacedrum instrument playable in browser.


New open source HTML5 game engine that supports CocoonJS and is powered by Pixi.js.

Bonus: open source and share your work

Share your projects, and good things will happen
LessMilk blog

Why You Should Open-Source Your Startup
CodeCombat blog

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