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Gamedev.js Weekly #58


Native vs. Web game development: The past, and the future
Games development has had a long history with both native and the web.
Lukas Roper at Developer Tech

Introducing node-firefox
At Mozilla we’re always looking for ways in which we can make developers’ lives easier.
Soledad Penades at Mozilla Hacks

iBasketGunner: Ludei’s first 3D WebGL mobile game
iBasketGunner is one of our latest productions. It continues the saga started by our fairly successful game iBasket.
Iker Jamardo at Ludei's blog

Gunslugs 2 done, now comes the stress, struggles, and adrenaline of a one-man team doing his own PR
Yesterday was "G-Day" the launch date I had set a few months ago and was working towards.
Pascal Bestebroer at Gamasutra

How to give awesome mobile games the chance they deserve
Over the past nine months, we’ve shifted our focus to mobile gaming and very quickly we noticed something strange was going on. Some great games are being overlooked.
Scott Johnston at Spil Games

KiwiJS v1.2.0 – Entity Component System
Today we’ll be looking at the upgraded Entity Component System (ECS), and how it makes everything better.
Benjamin D Richards at KiwiJS

8 tips for aspiring Match 3 developers
We will try to help you understand the basic points to which you should pay attention when initiating development of this kind of project.

5 tips for making great animations for 2D games
In this era dominated by 3D games, when even the latest versions of Street Fighter and Super Mario Bros. are made up of polygonized characters, quality sprite-based 2D games are rare.
Eric Caoili at Gamasutra

30 amazing games made only with HTML5
Here are 30 of our favorite games which run in all modern browsers and are build only with web technologies.
Danny Markov ar Tutorialzine


Combining enemy types and enemy behaviors
I decided that I would stop for some time to worry about mobile and originality, and create something that I would enjoy making instead.
Rémi Vansteelandt's blog

How to find adjacent tiles in hexagonal maps – ALL and EVERY case explained
When we need to find adjacent tiles of a given tile in an hexagon map, things get even more difficult because there are some things to consider if hex maps have a even or odd number of rows and columns.
Emanuele Feronato's blog


Learn how to make 15 mobile games with Phaser and Cordova


CocoonJS core 2.1.1 bugfixes release


Build an HTML5 game - early access book from No Starch Press by Karl Bunyan

The Usual Suspects - those games you have seen a million times, now with Phaser


Lostcast 110: Photon Storm 2


Clay Games in the Firefox Marketplace

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