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Gamedev.js Weekly #57


HTML5 Rockstars: Interview to Tricko, lead developer from Random Developers Studio
The GamePix blog’s colum HTML5 Rockstars starts the new year with an interview to Walter Cossu aka Tricko, co-founder and lead developer of Random Developers.
GamePix's blog

Global Game Jam and my progress list
In my preparation for the edition 2015 decided to participate in a smaller group, where virtually all members have also had participated in other jams game.
Guilherme Costa at Gamasutra

10 tips from Global Game Jam 2015
This year Global Game Jam took place in more than 70 cities all over the world! My team, Galante, participated in Warsaw edition of GGJ – PolyJam2015.
Tobiasz Siemiński at GamedevNET

Learning to create games
There are many ways to think about games and inspire learning. One that excites me is: how quantifiable design elements give rise to meaningful player experiences.
Morgan McGuire at Casual Effects

How to give awesome mobile games the chance they deserve
Over the past nine months, we’ve shifted our focus to mobile gaming and very quickly we noticed something strange was going on. Some great games are being overlooked.
Scott Johnston at Spil Games

Phaser 3 Development Log – w/e 30 Jan
This week: I haven’t done as much refinement of the API functions as I’d hoped to because I’ve been pumping out demos to test the basic functionality.
Rich at Photon Storm

Phaser Coding Tips 4
This week we carry on building on our set of platformer game tools.
Rich at Photon Storm

Lessons learned: localizing Puppet Punch in 10 languages - part 1
It took us a long time in making this game, iterating through each and every aspect; trashing some modules and starting all over again.
Arpita Kapoor at Gamasutra

Screw motivation, what you need is discipline
Successful completion of tasks brings about the inner states that chronic procrastinators think they need to initiate tasks in the first place.
Zbyhnev at Wisdomination


Understanding hexagonal tiles – updated with HTML5 examples thanks to Phaser
I am showing you how to create an hex map, both horizontal and vertical, center it on the stage and how to detect which hexagon you are moving the mouse over just using math.
Emanuele Feronato's blog

Audio visualisation with the Web Audio API
In this article we are going to create an Audio Visualisation using the DOM and the Web Audio API.
Fourth of Five

Play with light and dark using ray casting and visibility polygons
Although the way to determine light and dark works pretty well, it leaves room for improvement, and such improvement comes from ray casting.
Emanuele Feronato's blog


JavaScript Loot Tables

SVG OMG - SVGO's Missing GUI


Cru·ci·form demo

Pixelate yourself - Media Stream API demo with Phaser


Elevator Saga - the elevator programming game

GamePix's top 10 HTML5 games of 2014

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