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Gamedev.js Weekly #56


New holographic goggles from Microsoft have video game potential
During a briefing today covering new features in Windows 10, Microsoft revealed HoloLens, an in-development holographic and gesture-based control solution.
Kris Graft at Gamasutra

Let them play: don’t lock your players out of playing
Interactivity is what really defines games, and is (arguably) the single most important aspect for keeping players interested.
Darran Jamieson at Tuts+ Game Development

Artificial Intelligence helps Mario play his own game
The Mario AI Project has developed an artificially intelligent Mario which is aware of himself and his environment and responds to spoken instructions.
BBC Newsbeat Technology

Firefox OS: a great opportunity for HTML5 game developers
Since Firefox OS was born, at GamePix we were among the first interested in this new operating system, mainly because of its great support to many HTML5 features.
GamePix blog

An in-app price hike may be your secret to making serious money
Small purchases ($.99-$1.99) only contribute 6% whereas purchases costing $9.99 and more can contribute 47% according to W3i.
Scott Johnston at Spil Games

Music in your video games: what to put into consideration
Great video games require some serious preparation when it comes to the selection of music. The power of perfectly matching music in games must never be underestimated.
Marcotronic's blog

Phaser 3 development log
Development of Phaser 3 is already under way. I asked Pete Baron, who is doing the core work on the new renderer to sum-up his week so far.
Rich at Photon Storm

Service Providers (aka Freelancers, Contractors, Consultants) don't work for free
In my constant scans of the internet to find projects for the service providers listed on GameDevMasters, I have come across countless requests similar to "looking for freelancer (unpaid), will share money from successful kickstarter".
Sean R Scott at Gamasutra

Clay.io Super Cool Devs: Karthik VJ
We’d like to introduce you to, Karthik VJ from LabRat.mobi, one of our outstanding game developers on Clay.
Rachel McQuirk at Clay

The future of Construct
Now we're coming up to four years and 200 releases later, we feel it is now time to consider the next step for Construct.
Ashley at Scirra


Lead HTML5 Game Developer at BoosterMedia
We're looking for an experienced developer to take the lead and help build a team that can tackle a wide variety of projects and deliver results.

HTML5 Game Developer at BoosterMedia
We're also looking for talented developers to join the team and help us bring great games to market and support our development partners both internally and externally.


Create an HTML5 game like “Drop Wizard” with Phaser – player movement
You play as a mage in a retro-classic arcade game, you can’t change your direction and the only way to climb up the level is by falling down and respawnign from the top.
Emanuele Feronato's blog

Handling touch input with JavaScript
We will discuss a paradigm brought by smartphones and tablets over the last decade: touch as a form of digital input.
Mr. Roa's blog


WADE, HTML5 game editor and framework reached version 2.0

Hello from Kiwi.JS v1.2.0 “Williams”


Fisherman, Monsters and Stuff created with Phaser available in the AppStore

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