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Gamedev.js Weekly #55


The surprising winner of the HTML5 versus native apps war
For the last several years, Web and app developers have battled over what many felt was the soul of mobile itself.
Marty Beard at Inside BlackBerry

10 best open source HTML5 games source code
In this post we have listed 10 best open source html5 games source code with demo links, few of these open source html5 games are multiplayer as well.
Ramesh Thapa at Detechter

6 tips for game localization
To help myself and other game developers who are considering getting their games localized, I have put this list of Dos and Don'ts together.
Rasmus Rasmussen at Gamasutra

5 approaches to crafting systems in games (and where to use them)
Crafting has expanded from an rarely-seen mechanic in role-playing games to a nearly ubiquitous inclusion in all modern titles.
Alexander King at Tuts+ Game Development

An in-app price hike may be your secret to making serious money
Developers can earn up to 50% of their revenue from in–app purchases, but many aren’t charging enough.
Scott Johnston at Spil Games

Koalah calling all HTML5 game developers on monetization options
Koalah is trying to find a new more efficient way for developers to monetize.
Koalah blog

Learn how to make a complete commercial cross-platform HTML5 game: Globez fully commented source code released
It’s time to seriously learn HTML5 game development - I am going to give you some awesome tools, something you won’t find elsewhere.
Emanuele Feronato's blog

Redesigning HTML5 game Hungry Fridge
The game Hungry Fridge was redesigned, so you can enjoy the new graphics with the same gameplay – let’s see how it went.
Enclave Games blog

The New Clay (and important updates on the old)
If you’ve visited Clay.io in the last few days, you’ve noticed some substantial changes to the site.
Austin at Clay blog

10 quotes every game developer should remember
Over the past few months Gamasutra editors have been taking pains to zero in on the choicest bits of game development wisdom that flow through the website and the blogs.
Alex Wawro at Gamasutra


BoosterMedia, the front-runner in the development, distribution and monetization of HTML5 games, is currently looking for two outstanding developers to join its Platform Services team to help bring the best HTML5 games to market quickly. We're located in beautiful Amsterdam, one of the most vibrant and amazing cities in the world!

Lead Developer
As we build up our Platform Services dev team, we're looking for an experienced developer to take the lead and help build a team that can tackle a wide variety of projects and deliver results.

We're also looking for talented developers looking to join the team and help us bring great games to market and support our development partners both internally and externally.


Playing with Phaser and accelerometer with gyro.js
Gyro.js is an adaptor which combines all the current interfaces and standards on reading Gyro and Accelerometer information and combines them into one simple object.
Emanuele Feronato's blog

Your first HTML5 game using ImpactJS – part 1
This is the first post from a series of tutorials that will introduce you into the making of HTML5 games using the popular javascript game engine Impact.
Ansimuz Games

Create an HTML5 level selection screen using a scrollable map like in “Hero Emblems” game using Phaser
The map is made in a way if you press a town and drag, you won’t enter that town. Useful if you don’t want the player to find a “safe” spot on the map, far from towns, to drag the map without accidentally entering a town.
Emanuele Feronato's blog


Global Game Jam 2015


Tools for Game Jams


Art Assets: Grotto Escape


Gabe Hollombe: Let's Make a Game With Phaser - JSConf Asia 2014


Blockchain.js - embeddable Tetris with source code

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