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LittleJS Game Jam, Warme Y2K, and monster truck


Games are a long-term bet for Netflix
VP of External Games Leanne Loombe discusses the entertainment company's plans for its games division.
Paige Cook at PocketGamerBiz

'Brain-in-a-jar' biocomputers can now learn to control robots
Living brain cells wired into organoid-on-a-chip biocomputers can now learn to drive robots, thanks to an open-source intelligent interaction system called MetaBOC.
Loz Blain at New Atlas

Study finds co-op games keep growing in numbers (and sales) on Steam
The amount of Steam games with co-op as a selling point grows on a yearly basis, and they're outshining their solo brethren.
Justin Carter at Game Developer

Space scientists 3D print LEGO bricks with meteorite dust to build astronaut homes on moon
Dubbed ESA Space Bricks, these construction materials come out because the scientists are designing launch pads and shelters for astronauts who are visiting the moon as part of the Artemis program.
Matthew Burgos at Designboom

Retired engineer discovers 55-year-old bug in Lunar Lander computer game code
A physics simulation flaw in text-based 1969 computer game went unnoticed until today.
Benj Edwards at Ars Technica


How to make Connect Four game
One of my CodePen pens got real attention. Why not build a better version with more modern libraries, a better user experience, and a fully finished.
Osbulbul's blog

How to use an auto-tiling technique in your next game project
I will explain the concept of auto-tiling, Wang Tiles, binary and bitmasks, and then walk through the process and algorithms associated with using this tool in a project.
Justin Young at DevTo


LittleJS Game Jam


Warme Y2K - complete, fast and fun game engine

OpenEmu - multiple video game system


Monster truck with suspension

Diorama: milk

Dweet of the week: migrating blobules


Robo Recharge

The Weak

Pawer Nap

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