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Cellular Automata, MeshAnything, and Badlucky level in Flood Escape


Making games that pay the bills: 6 steps to profitability
A process that helps come up with hooky concepts and estimate how successful they could be on Steam.
Matt Hackett at Valadria

Presenting Discord app pitches 2024 category winners
We received thousands of entries for potential Activities on Discord this year, which is incredibly impressive with this year's competition requiring entrants to submit a playable prototype.
Nelly at Discord

Why Interplay’s original Fallout 3 was canceled 20+ years ago
OG Fallout producer says "Project Van Buren" ran out of time and money.
Kyle Orland at Ars Technica

Creating compelling and continuous gameplay in a cozy farming/life sim adventure
In the sea of games offering very similar types of experiences, creating emotionally meaningful connections go a long way in crafting a memorable experience.
Deborah Chantson at Game Developer

Little Kitty, Big City: how a former Half-Life dev’s game for his kids became an overnight success
Double Dagger founder Matt Wood takes us through the development of his smash hit feline adventure.
Paul Cecchini at GamesIndustryBiz


Cellular Automata
I love procedural generation. As a hobbyist game developer, it is the concept and technique that I keep reaching for in my games.
Justin Young at DevTo


OP Guild × Arcadia: deadline extended


MeshAnything: artist-created mesh generation with autoregressive transformers

Retro Diffusion


Pop dat bubble wrap

Neon rings and a sphere

Dweet of the week: sandblaster


Contra Reforged - the original Contra goes 3D in a fan made prototype


Badlucky level in Flood Escape

CosmoPirates launched on Steam

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