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Newsletter's new website, OP Guild × Arcadia, and countdown to js13kGames 2024


Gamedev.js Weekly newsletter gets... a new website!
Right after getting a new mobile template, the Gamedev.js Weekly newsletter got a brand new website, which is now a bit more than a single landing page.
Enclave Games' blog

Do video game adaptations need games to come along for the ride?
Movies and shows based on games keep coming out, but are the games fully able to meet the momentum Hollywood generates?
Justin Carter at Game Developer

5 features I include in all my games
Every single game I make has a few features in common. I add these features to make my games faster to work on and easier to ship.
Matt Hackett at Valadria

Read some interesting Steam 2023 stats today
The top 10 games took 61% of all revenue, the top 50 games took 85% of all revenue, the top 100 games took 91%, the rest of us fight over very small slice of the pie.
McFunkypants at Mastodon Gamedev Place

SpaceWar is back - rebuilding the world’s first gaming computer
A large team of tech nostalgia enthusiasts have made a PiDP-10, a replica of the PDP-10 mainframe computer first launched by the Digital Equipment Corporation in 1966.
Keith Stuart at The Guardian


Building an AI game studio: what we’ve learned so far
Braindump is our attempt to imagine what game creation could be like in the brave new world of LLMs and generative AI. We want to give you an entire AI game studio, complete with coders, artists, and so on, to help you create your dream game.
Braindump's blog


OP Guild × Arcadia: upload your game and win cash prizes!

Countdown to js13kGames 2024


Phaser-LPC-Character - character spritesheet based on Universal-LPC-Spritesheet for Phaser 3

JiGS-RPG-Engine - open source PHP/Node.js online RPG and trading game engine


Neumorphic rocker switch

Fourier transform drawing with SVG and tweakpane

Dweet of the week: machine code


Why is a free Banana breaking the Steam market?

Building Tetris with Phaser 3 - part 1: game board and tetriminos

Ludum Dare 55: game dev recap


Storm UltraVolt

Power Cut

Spikes Inc.

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