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Athena Crisis, City in a Bottle, and Open Web LS16


Athena Crisis goes Open Source
Athena Crisis, a modern retro turn-based strategy game that was built with Web technologies by Christoph Nakazawa and is available in an Early Access on Steam, goes Open Source.
Gamedev.js News

Climbing content mountain
Tips and advice for climbing content mountain, that gigantic, intimidating middle part of finishing a game.
Matt Hackett at Valadria

Into the future with OP Guild
OP Guild aims to help indie web game developers move into web3, but of course only those who are actually interested in doing so.
Andrzej Mazur at Enclave Games

Hackers discover how to reprogram NES Tetris from within the game
New method could help high-score chasers trying to avoid game-ending crashes.
Kyle Orland at Ars Technica


City in a Bottle – a 256 byte raycasting system
In this post I will share all the secrets about how this magical program works.
Frank Force at Killed By A Pixel

Pathfinding part 1 with Dijkstra's algorithm
One of the most common problems that need solved in game development is navigating from one tile to a separate tile somewhere else.
Justin Young at Excalibur.js


Frontend Nation 2024 and workshop ticket giveaway


Open Web LS16 - fantasy console framework designed to make retro games

Kuto, a reverse JS bundler


Cheese cubism

Circlet: CSS math

Dweet of the week: blocked flyover


Massive changes to GameMaker - JavaScript, prefabs and maybe C# support coming in 2024

Chris Heilmann: Growing up in style - what the JS world can learn from CSS





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