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Xkcd's Machine, Godot web export, and Labor Power


Sneaking science into Borderlands: Inside the game inside a game
Borderlands Science is one of the first examples of a citizen science game being embedded in a mainstream video game; it translates players’ tile matching into sequence alignment of microbial DNA strands that encode ribosomal RNA.
Ivan Paul at Ars Technica

Nearly all Nintendo 64 games can now be recompiled into native PC ports to add proper ray tracing, ultrawide, high FPS, and more
Majora's Mask is the latest to benefit, but N64 Recompiled works with nearly all N64 games.
Christopher Harper at Tom's Hardware

Why Lego sees its gaming future in Fortnite
The Lego Group's Kari Vinter Nielsen on the possibilities afforded by allowing Epic's players to experiment with the iconic toy firm's digital assets.
Mike Stubbs at GamesIndustryBiz


Development notes from xkcd's "Machine"
On April 5th, xkcd released Machine, the 15th annual April Fools project I’ve made with them. This is the story of how we built Machine in 3 weeks, and what I learned along the way.
Chromakode's blog


RISC-V retro Jam #1 just started

Gamedev.js Open Source challenge winners on the GitHub blog


Web export in Godot 4.3 - progress report

Rogue Engine - Unity like environment to create web apps and games with Three.js

GPT-4o - new flagship model that can reason across audio, vision, and text in real time


Let's self reflect

Blue plasma

Dweet of the week: blocked up


Brackeys: the future of game development

How NES games are STILL made in 40kb


Labor Power

Mech Motion

Circuit Breaker

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