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Jam winners, AGILE, and game of life in 3D


Jamango raises $2.5M to launch browser-based game maker this year
Jamango offers block-based building tools with a no-code editor to creators who wish to make games that can be played instantly via browser.
Rachel Kaser at GamesBeat

The curious case of playable ads and traditional marketing strategies
The potential of playable ads extends far beyond gimmicks. When integrated with traditional marketing foundations like storytelling and retargeting, they hold even more data-rich potential for brand interaction and recall.
Orkuncan Aydin at Deconstuctor of Fun

Pokémon Go players invent fake beaches on real maps to catch rare Wigletts
Volunteer maintainers of the widely used OpenStreetMap are battling Pokémon Go players who are vandalizing the map with fake data in order to cheat in the game.
Emanuel Maiberg at 404 Media

40 years later, a game for the ZX Spectrum will be once again broadcast over FM radio
There were times when Sinclair ZX Spectrum games were copied over the radio waves across Slovenia.
Računalniški Muzej


Phaser Discord multiplayer tutorial available
A tutorial and project template showing how to combine Phaser and Colyseus to create a multiplayer Discord activity.
Phaser News


Gamedev.js Jam 2024 winners announced!


AGILE - Sierra AGI games on the web

Wonderland Engine 1.2.0 released


Game of life evolves in 3D

Too much breakcore

Dweet of the week: tiny starfield


freeCodeCamp Podcast #121: Ben Awad is a gamedev who sleeps 9 hours EVERY NIGHT to be productive


Match Bee

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