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Phaser by Example, fractal leaves, and Voice in the Void


Dwarf Fortress’ Adventure Mode brings the sim’s chaotic spirit to CRPGs
Travel your own world, meet fascinating creatures, and put bolts in their necks.
Kevin Purdy at Ars Technica

Global Games Fund offers devs from emerging markets up to $50,000
New funding initiative led by organisers of Gamedev World focused on developers "outside of the Western world," launches Q2 2024.
James Batchelor at GamesIndustryBiz

Owlchemy Labs' CEO has some advice for other industry leaders: 'Don't chase trends, chase players'
'It's always easy to get seduced by the trappings of it all–and not get to the core of 'why do players enjoy this?''
Chris Kerr at Game Developer

Meet the guy who spent $90k on one of the rarest copies of Castlevania in the world
A mysterious trove of vintage video games has collectors buzzing.
Ethan Gach at Kotaku


Build a HTML5 game like Netflix’s Teeter (Up) using Phaser and Box2D physics, written in TypeScript – part 2: adding holes and goal
Since both holes and goal are circles which do not affect ball movement, there’s no need to add them as Box2D physics objects, and I am going to check if the ball falls in a hole or reaches the goal simply checking for the distance.
Emanuele Feronato's blog

Using generative AI for NPC dialogs
Using OpenAI's chat API, we can generate the dialog for an NPC in an RPG, making it more realistic and diverse. On top of that, with unscripted conversation, the NPC could branch into new topic of conversation that haven't been planned by the game designers, opening new gameplay possibilities.
Jack Le Hamster at DevTo


Billiards.js - JavaScript library to play animation like billiards with Canvas

Introducing AltStore PAL


Phaser by Example book


Fractal leaves

Plasma lamp

Dweet of the week: to infinity and #default


The History of Mortal Kombat 4 - Arcade console documentary


Voice in the Void

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