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Litecanvas, tilemap spotlight, and Fallout 2 3D


Twitch’s Hype Train record smashed again by Pirate Software
It took Streamer Jason Thor Hall, aka Pirate Software, roughly three hours to break the previous world record he set in December.
Jess Weatherbed at The Verge

Level up: exploring the artistic side of video game design
Existing in parallel to a world of hyperrealistic CGI is a growing segment of gaming using illustration and painterly art to make mesmerising and charming visual experiences.
Angelica Frey at It's Nice That

Mario meets Pareto
In Mario Kart 8, choosing your driver, kart's body, tires, and glider isn't just about style — it's as crucial as your racing skills to win a race. Ever wondered how to truly find the best ones?
Antoine Mayerowitz's blog

With 800,000 copies of Dwarf Fortress sold, the newly minted millionaire creators' most high-roller purchase has been a Honda Civic
The game's premium version can be found on over a million wishlists, too.
Joshua Wolens at PC Gamer


Create a developer portfolio as a 2D game
We just posted a course on the freeCodeCamp YouTube channel that will teach you how to use KaboomJS to craft a 2D game that doubles as your developer portfolio.
Beau Carnes at freeCodeCamp


Litecanvas - lightweight HTML5 Canvas game engine

WinterJS 1.0 - the fastest Javascript web server

Lumiere - a space-time diffusion model for video generation


Tilemap spotlight with dark rooms

3 body problem - countdown animation

Dweet of the week: windy tree


Fallout 2 - Remake 3D, early access pre alpha

Moon's Embrace

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