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Discord games with Phaser, Babylon.js 7.0, and Money Hog


Creator of Tetris reveals his 'cerebral' unreleased sequel called Tetris Reversed
Alexey Pajitnov revealed at GDC 2024 why his unreleased sequel never went beyond the prototype phase.
Alessandro Fillari at Game Developer

More than 400 people now working on The Witcher 4, CDPR confirms
The game with the largest team at CD Projekt Red should enter production later this year.
Moises Taveras at Kotaku

Super Mario Maker’s “final boss” was a fraud all along
"Team 0%" declares a bittersweet victory as Trimming the Herbs' creator comes clean.
Kyle Orland at Ars Technica

Take-Two to acquire Gearbox from Embracer for $460 million
Randy Pitchford to remain leader of the Borderlands developer.
Christopher Dring at GamesIndustryBiz

'The gold rush is over:' Slay the Spire and Darkest Dungeon devs say that big Game Pass and Epic exclusive deals have dried up for indie devs
It's not easy to get funding for a new game right now.
Wes Fenlon at PC Gamer


Creating Discord games with Phaser
This tutorial was written to go with the official Phaser Discord Template, which is a great starting point for creating games on Discord with Phaser, utilising their new Embedded App SDK.
Phaser Tutorials

Build a HTML5 game like Watermelon Game using Phaser and Box2D powered by Planck.js – step 7: adding sounds and loading bar
Here we go with the 7th, and last, step of the Watermelon Game prototype. This time I added a sound effect and a loading bar, but most of all I made it available on Gumroad.
Emanuele Feronato's blog


Introducing Babylon.js 7.0

Mana Potion – toolkit for JavaScript game development and interactive experiences

A generalist AI agent for 3D virtual environments


Endless bloom

Hex action

Dweet of the week: d/29689


Money Hog

Dog Poo Golf

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