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Blitz:Build, checkbox Snake game, and Osteopolis


Vampire Survivors adds Space Dude and more in today's cosmic Space 54 update
Cross-save public beta also live.
Matt Wales at Eurogamer

7 best practices for remote teamwork
Imagine leading a group of developers, artists, and designers piecing together the next epic game... Now imagine doing it without a physical office.
Deconstructor of Fun

EA just added classics like Dungeon Keeper, SimCity 3000, and Populous on Steam
Just what the Steam Deck was made for.
Andrew Webster at The Verge

One of D&D’s greatest treasures will soon be shared with the world
A rare, one-of-a-kind manuscript of the original Dungeons & Dragons you can actually afford.
Charlie Hall at Polygon

Discord elevates support for game devs with enhanced Quest and Shop tools
Discord is unveiling new tools that aim to simplify the process of building a gaming business and improving its monetization.
Dean Takahashi at GamesBeat


Creating an animated 3D starfield effect in JavaScript
Learn how to create this fun effect where we simulate us flying past endless stars in outer space.
Kirupa's blog

Seven lessons for achieving sustainable game development
I want to cover the story of Jon Nielsen and the great story of WitchHand’s launch which earned him $90,000 in the first week.
Zukalous at How To Market A Game


Blitz:Build - fast and lightweight cloud build toolbox

melonJS 17 released


Checkbox Snake game

Platonic solids: icosahedron

Dweet of the week: d/29610


How messaging and addressing systems in Defold works

Performance optimizations in 2D games




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