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Sprite Fusion, JiGS, and Paku Paku


13-year-old believed to be first person ever to beat Tetris
Previously only bots and AI had got game to its ‘kill screen’ but Willis Gibson managed to get game to freeze with score 999999.
Blake Montgomery at The Guardian

Top tips for marketing your game on TikTok
Developers share essential tips for building an audience on TikTok.
Patricia Hernandez at Game Developer

My morning routine as a game dev
Humor piece in the voice of Patrick Bateman from American Psycho, for some reason.
Forgeable's blog

Vectrex reborn: how a chance encounter gave new life to a dead console
40 years later, it's time for the Vectrex to shine.
Tim Stevens at Ars Technica


Senior WebGL Graphics Engineer at Phaser Studio
Phaser Studio is looking for a focused, collaborative, professional graphics engineer to help craft the rendering engine for the current and next generation of the Phaser game framework.


Dithering, mesh unrolling and postprocessing
Breakdown of dithering, unrolling and other demos.
Offscreen Canvas

The Forest - Three.js / WebGL versions
I made a demonstration of part of The Forest using the 3-dimensional library three.js which is able to use faster hardware (GPU = Graphics Processing Unit) that is now present in most devices, even phones.
Graham Relf's blog


Sprite Fusion - free easy-to-use game design editor

JiGS - open source PHP online RPG and trading game engine


Chaotic eye

Star preloader

Dweet of the week: happy new year


Paku Paku

CosmoPirates demo on Steam

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