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Gamedev.js Weekly #52


What Destiny's failures can teach us about game design
In this article, we'll take a look at how and why Destiny failed to meet its lofty expectations, as well as what these shortcomings can teach us about game design.
Paul Suddaby at Tuts+ Game Development

Legendary's Year 0 Tactics released on Amazon's Fire TV and Fire tablets
Year 0 Tactics is powered by the Goo Engine, a robust WebGL and HTML5 graphics engine from Goo Technologies, and is the first 3D HTML5 game available on Fire TV.

20 gaming events you don’t want to miss in 2015
Meeting people, getting inspiration and having fun; the gaming industry is full of interesting events. Here is a list of the ones on our radar through next Summer.
Scott Johnston at Spil Games

Intel XDK’s initial release of HTML5 games support and iOS debugging
HTML5 Games and Debugging with the Intel XDK.
jhwolf at Intel Developer Zone

Top 5 design debates I ignored in 2014
In the spirit of becoming a forward looking designer, here are my top 5 design debates that I've ignored in 2014.
Daniel Cook at Lost Garden


Creation of an HTML5 string avoider prototype in Phaser
Last summer I showed you how to create an HTML5 String Avoider game made with Phaser, but at that time Phaser was 2.0.5 version while now we have 2.2 released with a lot of new features, and above all now it works on iOS browsers.
Emanuele Feronato's blog

Mastering the GameMaker Studio particle system
In this article, we’ll begin with the basics of the GameMaker Studio particle system and end with advanced techniques and implementations.
Sonny Bone at Tuts+ Game Development

How to sitelock an HTML5 game in GameMaker
Want to know how to sitelock an HTML5 Game in Game Maker? Here’s how.
Ivatrix's blog

Cross-platform live development with BrowserSync
BrowserSync is an amazing tool that allows us to easily test games and other web applications with a great deal of automation.
invrse's blog


The Arbitrary Game (TAG) Jam 18


New Mouse Lock feature in CanvasQuery


Lou's pseudo 3D page


WebGL fireworks


Elliot Quest in Amazon Appstore for Android

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