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Phaser Studio, Godot console ports, and mechanical starburst


Collecting data for Gamedev.js Survey 2023
The third yearly edition of Gamedev.js Survey is open for a week now, and will close next week, on Friday December 22nd - if you haven’t filled the form yet, please do so!
Andrzej Mazur at Enclave Games

Richard Davey launches Phaser Studio to modernize browser-based game-building
Leading the company as CTO, Richard intends to modernize the Phaser framework and release Phaser 4, and make it easy to create browser-based playable ads on desktop and mobile.
Erica Lindberg at Open Core Ventures

W4 Games announces pricing model for Godot's console ports
This pricing model reflects our commitment to democratizing the video game development and monetization process.
W4 Games

Netflix Games is working on a Squid Game video game spinoff
The streamer-turned-game platform is aiming to release more games in 2024, including one based on the popular series Squid Game.
Justin Carter at Game Developer

E3 is officially dead, and so is the version of the industry it was made for
Direct online marketing, distribution made an expensive annual show unnecessary.
Kyle Orland at Ars Technica


Create a virtual world for self-driving cars
Dr. Radu will demonstrate how to fill the world with self-driving cars. The primary focus will be on generating this dynamic world, with the integration of self-driving car code coming at the end.

Your first web server using Node.js, and why you should definitively use a web server
In some cases, writing a JavaScript script embedded in a HTML page and simply running it in the browser will no longer work, especially if you are making HTML5 games.
Emanuele Feronato's blog


MeshGPT: generating triangle meshes with decoder-only transformers


Mechanical starburst

Haiku without words

Tripole creatures


My Pocket Blacksmith

Solus Sector: Tactics

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