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Rope mesh physics, Rosebud, and waves are lines


GameMaker throws shade at Unity, makes its 2D engine free or $100 for most
For most games, a license is either free or the cost of a medium-nice dinner.
Kevin Purdy at Ars Technica

Video game company layoffs are creating an industry crisis
‘People were just an expense. They don’t necessarily care about the human impact.’
Nicole Carpenter at Polygon

The Defold Foundation partners with Poki
The Defold Foundation will work together with Poki to integrate the Defold game engine and services with the leading platform for web games.
Björn Ritzl at Defold's blog

The creators of Bluey: The Videogame on making a kids’ game that’s also about parenting
The Bluey TV show has blossomed into a cultural phenomenon, not least because of its frank, empathic take on parenting. But how to replicate that in a children’s video game?
Will Freeman at The Guardian

Mobile game mortality rate is 83% within 3 years
The company, which provides monetization for mobile games, said its study of 500 game developers also found that 43% of games perish during their development phase.
Dean Takahashi at GamesBeat


Rope mesh physics: breathing life into game graphics with physics in Phaser
Craft ropes that dance, limbs that sway, and fish that splash with the magic of physics and images in Phaser. Learn how to effortlessly create a rope-like mesh from an image, connecting it with physics boxes to infuse your game graphics with captivating animation and character.
Reit Games' blog


Rosebud AI gamemaker - create games, share and play instantly

Phaser Editor 2D v3.64 released - boosting sprite animations, hi Aseprite

PlayCanvas Editor gets support for Avif and WebP


Waves are lines

Generative knit - pattern maker



Javascript Snake: low code solution - talk at Borderless JS 2023 conference


Chrono Break

Arcadia: Neon Dreams

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