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Originals, Gamepad API, and ChromaStack


CrazyGames celebrates 10th anniversary with launch of Originals browser games
This dynamic and diverse label brings together a collection of games that cater to a wide range of tastes and preferences.
Dean Takahashi at GamesBeat

400 hours of work, 100 unique characters, and 50 working quests: One Skyrim fan's year-long journey to recreate the RPG in Age of Empires 2 is almost over
Bubbabaelor has spent roughly a year remaking Skyrim as a fully playable AOE2 map.
Austin Wood at GamesRadar+

Dev sets up “goatse” trap for sites that steal his free web game
Thieving iFrame sites now say: "I steal other people’s code because I’m a total hack".
Kyle Orland at Ars Technica

Reality Labs has lost $11.4 billion during 2023 (and there's still one quarter left)
Meta's mixed reality division lost $3.7 billion during Q3 and earned just $210 million in revenue.
Chris Kerr at Game Developer

This impossible-sounding Fallout 4 speedrun took over 2,000 hours
After 415 attempts, streamer Vrexia has finally put an end to his no-damage, 100-percent challenge.
Levi Winslow at Kotaku


Playing with the Gamepad API
My journey programming with the GamePad API with detailed explanations and code to get JavaScript games ready to use controllers on the browser.
Alvaro Montoro's blog


Introducing the first js13kGames Community Soundtrack




Smoke Ring

Wibbly Wobbly Cup

Plane to Helix


New Breakpoint: S3 Episode 1 - Revolutionising the Developer Experience with GitHub and Mish Mannering



Samurai Sam

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