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Gamedev.js Weekly #51


The future is looking good: HTML5 finally getting love from vendors
Lets explore critical factors that affect HTML5 performance and talk about some exciting recent events that are defining the future for HTML5 app development.
Anzor Bashkhaz blog

HTML5 endless runner: history and design thinking
The Endless Runner genre stems from 2D platformer games in the 90s.
Ben Chong at HTML5 Game Development

20 gaming events you don’t want to miss in 2015
Meeting people, getting inspiration and having fun; the gaming industry is full of interesting events.
Scott Johnston at Spil Games

A game designer explains the counterintuitive secret to fun
Bogost outlined his conception of fun. It’s not about effortless enjoyment, he argues, but instead about embracing the effort demanded in a given situation.
Kyle VanHemert at Wired

HTML5 Rockstars: interview to Samuele Sciacca, developer of the game Blop
The GamePix blog’s colum HTML5 Rockstars is back with a passionate interview to Samuele Sciacca: an italian talented indie game developer who is only 17 years old.


Deploying hybrid HTML5 games on the desktop using node-webkit
So you’ve built an awesome game using HTML5. Think of node-webkit as the Google Chrome browser that you compile to run only your game.

Creating spritesheets for Phaser with TexturePacker
Instead of loading tons of single images from a web server all graphics can now be loaded at once. This speeds up loading time of your game.
Andreas Loew at CodeAndWeb

Getting started with HTML5 game development using the Intel XDK
The Intel XDK provides a development environment for creating hybrid mobile apps, including 2D HTML5 games.
Michael E. at Intel Developer Zone

Building a polished HTML5 space shooter game with Phaser
This tutorial will walk you through the step-by-step process of building a polished space shoot ‘em up game with Phaser.
Jeff Schomay blog


One Game a Month meetup at Craftsy Offices in Denver


GDQuest: free game assets for commercial use


Fisherman game available in Google Play

Christmas Quest

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