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Profiling WebXR, endless, and JS Crush


Valve breaks down what will (and won't) get your game featured on Steam
"We don't think Steam should be pay to win."
Bryant Francis at Game Developer

Star Atlas allows game developers to use its code and tools for free
We’re opening doors for free development to builders and creators - Micheal Wagner, Star Atlas CEO said.
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CD Projekt spent over $120m to save Cyberpunk 2077
Phantom Liberty DLC cost roughly $84 million to develop and market.
Sophie McEvoy at GamesIndustryBiz

Most PC games gross <$1,000: should we be worried?
A scary stat, or not? Also: Epic's biz model changes & discovery news.
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‘I can’t kill a wolf but will happily watch a Sim drown’: murder and morality in video games
From being unable to harvest ‘little sister’ characters but happy to kill others freely, to playing the Legend of Zelda as a vegan – gaming ethics are complex and highly personal.
Amelia Tait at The Guardian


How we profile WebXR/WebGL apps
Performance is crucial for WebXR apps. If you do not know why your app does not meet target frame rate, the first step is to profile.
Jonathan Hale at Wonderland Engine


JetBrains GameDev Day 2023 on October 13th


js13kGames 2023 winners announced


Phaser Editor 2D v3.63: welcome Spine animations






JS Crush - a bizarre JS-Equality puzzle

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