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JS Gamedev Summit, Jump Ship Jam, and deep space


Terraria devs donate $200K to open-source engines in wake of Unity changes
On Tuesday, the developers of Terraria announced that their team plans to donate $200,000 to two open-source game development engines: Godot and FNA.
Ana Diaz at Polygon

Custom chess browser puts chess right at your fingertips
Custom builds for both the desktop browser and Opera for Android, so all you chess fans out there can stay immersed in the game no matter where you happen to be.
Opera News

Archaeologists find 500-year-old board game carved in ruins of Polish castle
Nine-man morris, or mill, is a two-person strategy game with ancient origins.
Jennifer Ouellette at Ars Technica

Design lessons from the procedural puzzle pieces of Remnant II
Remnant II creative director David Adams discusses the path to making games as replayable as possible through procedural generation.
Bryant Francis at Game Developer


Create a HTML5 game like Space is Key using Phaser, tweens and Arcade physics
Updated to Phaser 3.60 and rewritten in TypeScript.
Emanuele Feronato's blog


JS Gamedev Summit - online conference in a week from now
Save the date: JS GameDev Summit is back on September 28 and 29, 2023! Use the code GamedevJSWeekly to get a 10% discount on tickets.


Jump Ship Jam


Tao Studio - prompt image generator

Animated drawings


Deep space




Ania Kubów: 2 hours to code Mario with auth and save scores

CyberPotato: how to make Minesweeper in Godot 4


Trucks (zombie) demo

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