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Grow gaming revenues, Blumgi, and Playables


Scoring with gamers: new findings on HTML5 players that’ll grow gaming revenues
Our latest research on HTML5 gamers aims to help you score. It has the insights you need on players to unlock the potential of a billion-dollar industry.
Carol Zhang and Huiling Cheong at Think With Google

Why removing loot boxes in Brawl Stars failed
On December 12th, 2022, Brawl Stars removed its loot boxes, replacing it with a ‘direct purchase’ system for acquiring content. This move shocked many within the industry and generated polarized opinions among experts.
Deconstructor of Fun

Blumgi: my journey on the web — how I reached 100M players in 2 years as an indie game developer
From office to kitchen to beach — my story from a full-time job in a gaming studio to finding success as a solo indie developer on the Web!
Loic Blumgi at Poki

Rockstar Games is apparently selling cracked versions of Its Own Games on Steam
It seems like Rockstar Games did not bother to remove the same DRM checks that they added in the first place, and instead decided to sell cracked copies that bypass their own security checks.
Moulik Mathur at IGN India

YouTube begins public testing of ‘Playables’ gaming effort
The existence of Playables on YouTube was first reported earlier this year as “a product for playing online games.” At the time, few details were available, as it was only being tested by employees.
Kyle Bradshaw at 9to5Google


Complete jQuery + interact.js Draw and Match game in less than 100 lines
Thanks to my pure TypeScript class to handle Draw and Match games.
Emanuele Feronato's blog


OP Games x W3GG Summer Jam ends September 15th


wgpu - safe and portable graphics library for Rust based on the WebGPU API

Biome - one toolchain for your web project


Pinwheel of doom

The winged disc




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