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Audiocraft, soil microbiome, and Pixel Washer demo


Broken Sword designer Charles Cecil says criticism of bespoke AI tool is "frankly ludicrous"
"I am going to defend to the heavens the fact that AI is able to do most of this work, and then a human gets involved and brings in their creativity."
Chris Kerr at Game Developer

We're releasing Edge of War today and losing our jobs by the end of the month
Yesterday was an extremely interesting day as we had our latest game released to Early Access. What made it very strange though, is that by the end of the month none of us are working in the company anymore.
Hepphep at Reddit

Meet the drone champion who captured Gran Turismo’s racing action
This week, Sony’s Gran Turismo movie will be the latest game-to film-adaptation, but with a sports documentary twist.
Jordan Fragen at GamesBeat

League of Legends esports is still not breaking even
"We're trying to find our footing, trying to find a way to refresh our league," Riot Games says.
Sophie McEvoy at GamesIndustryBiz

‘Injection of energy’: gamescom aims high despite dwindling in-person scene
Other gaming events may have hit hurdles, but gamescom in Cologne is expecting record number of exhibitors.
Keza MacDonald and Tom Regan at The Guardian


Guide to gameplay balance
The experience that's shaped the following was gained primarily from competitive shooter development, so please take some of the concepts with a grain or two of salt if you're working another genre.
Tucker933 at GamedevNet


JS Gamedev Summit - online conference on September 28-29


Audiocraft - library for audio processing and generation with deep learning


The Concise TypeScript Book - free and open source


Soil microbiome

Glitch image hover effect with shaders

Paint mixer texture generator


freeCodeCamp: JavaScript functions crash course


Pixel Washer demo

Ballistic Showdown made with Pixi - wishlist on Steam

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