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Gamedev.js Weekly #50


Browsers are not OS components
I think it's crazy that some companies treat browsers like operating system components. This has disadvantages for distribution, reliability, security, and competition.
Ashley at Scirra

HTML5 games on Smart TVs and Smart Watches
In the latest months, two main new trends are becoming very interesting for all HTML5 game developers: smart TVs and smart watches.

Greenlight, fighting indifference and building your audience as an indie
I'm constantly baffled by how many indie devs posting games on Greenlight are not doing anything to build their audience outside of Steam.
Dave Toulouse at Gamasutra

HTML5 has transformed mobile gaming
HTML5 has been a reality for some time now, with many of the internet’s popular brands developing their websites using this new web markup language.
Mitch at GeekPeek

20 gaming events you don’t want to miss in 2015
Here is a list of the ones on our radar through next Summer. Let us know which ones we’ve missed or any anecdotes you have from any of the below events.
Scott Johnston at Spil Games

20 ways to make money making games (part 3)
Right now, if you want to make income of any kind making games, there’s two basic approaches: Indirectly, by getting paid to make a game (via employment or contract), or directly by your audience.
Rampant Coyote at Rampant Games

PandaJS, a modular game framework
Today I’ll be reviewing PandaJS, a really nice html5 game framework developed by Eemeli Kelokorpi.

Postbug technical overview: compiling C# to Javascript
In this post I describe some interesting aspects of the technology I used to create my Postbug game.
George at Hemingway Games

The state of HTML5 gaming
The easiest way to jump into JavaScript game development is to start with an engine. We are going to take a quick look at a few different ones that are available today and also a couple that are on the horizon.
Stan Bershadskiy and Tim Eagan at Modus Create


Porting a simple Flash game to Tizen
This article describes how to port an existing flash game, written in the Actionscript 3.0 language, to JavaScript on a Tizen mobile device.
Tizen Developers

How to make a mobile virtual pet game with HTML5 and Cordova
I thought it’d be interesting to create a HTML5 virtual pet game demo to cover the basics of the Open Source Phaser game library and some basic Cordova API usage.
Pablo Farias Navarro at HTML5 Hub

Developing games in JavaScript: let’s talk about the basics
In today’s advanced tech world, developing games is easier than ever before. It’s important to know the basic of game development prior to getting a shot at creating the next Angry Birds phenomenon.


JuicyCraft HTML5 Engine sale

Aexolgl WebGL engine


Sonniss independent sound effects sale

Game design documents


HTML5 WebGL 360 degrees panorama viewer with Three.js


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