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Gamedev.js Weekly #5


Javascript game development with Node.js, Grunt and Texture Packer
I wanted to see if I would benefit from switching to Node.js and use Grunt to automate some of the more tedious tasks I usually do manually. It turned out I was right.
Thomas Viktil at Mandarin

How an RTS is seeking to change browser games forever
Artillery is a company that is turning all its efforts on creating an HTML5 browser-based game engine that will render and deliver fast-paced, graphically rich games that will appeal to hardcore gamers.
Colin Campbell at Polygon

Reasons why the state of HTML5 gaming can be optimistic in 2014
One of the first reasons why the HTML5 gaming market may be doing fine in 2014 is because of what we learned during the onGameStart conference which took place in September 2013.
Przemek at BushidoIT


Host Your HTML5 Games on GitHub Pages
Thanks to GitHub you can use their Pages to host any website without backend directly from your repository. HTML5 games are not different – it’s just HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
Enclave Games blog


The winners of the Mozilla and Goo Game Creator Challenge
After being judged by a panel of representatives from Mozilla, Rovio and Goo, we can now gladly present the winners.
Goo blog


Phaser 1.1.4 (“Kandor”) released. Check out the new features and roadmap.
After weeks of intense work, refactoring, testing and example building we finally broke the surface and 1.1.4 has moved from dev to master on github.
Rich at Photon Storm

Bonus: Success story of HTML5 game Flappy Bird

Indie smash hit 'Flappy Bird' racks up $50K per day in ad revenue

Developer Behind “Flappy Bird”, The Impossible Game Blowing Up The App Store, Says He Just Got Lucky

Flappy Bird is proof that no one knows what the audience wants

.GEARS - Dong Nguyen's website

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