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Worst games, FRVR Forge, and night drive


‘It’s fun to cook up the stupidest idea’: the people competing to make the worst computer games possible
The annual Crap Games Competition has been bringing Spectrum fans together for more than 25 years. It all began with an April fool’s joke in a magazine called Your Sinclair...
Rich Pelley at The Guardian

Factorio in Unreal Engine 5
Today we’ve got a very fun project to talk about: The FUE5 project, explained in this article by Hurricane. It’s Factorio, but 3D!
Alt-F4 #65

How to set up an internship program as a games studio
Ustwo Games' HR director Julie Piedrabuena tells us how the studio is nurturing new talent in as inclusive a way as possible with its paid internships.
Marie Dealessandri at GamesIndustryBiz

Valve is scrutinizing games with AI assets on Steam, says avoiding copyright violation 'is the developer's responsibility'
There's no full, formal policy as of yet, but Steam's boundaries are starting to materialize.
Rich Stanton at PC Gamer

GitHub's Game Bytes June 2023
Game Bytes is our monthly series taking a peek at the world of gamedev on GitHub—featuring game engine updates, game jam details, open source games, mods, maps, and more. Game on!
Lee Reilly at GitHub Blog


Build a HTML5 game like Magick iPad game using Phaser and Arcade physics – adding multiple levels
Time to see how to add multiple levels to Magick game. I created four levels with Tiled, in four different layers.
Emanuele Feronato's blog

Brilliant sound design for games – a Unity audio tutorial
Whether music or a sound effect, what and how you add audio to your games can make a huge difference for game feel as it alters the entire atmosphere of your game.
Daniel Buckley at Zenva Academy


Block Born presents: 90’s Arcade Jam


Introducing FRVR Forge

Phaser Editor 2D v3.62 released


What’s the biggest development trend for 2023?
Take the Developer Nation survey, share your opinion about tools and technologies and win cool prizes like an Apple MacBook Pro 13-Inch and more!


Night drive

Riveting refractions

Crayon picker


Kara's Cafeteria

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