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Duelyst, true flower power, and Pong Blitz


The British Library gets into gaming
Digital Storytelling, its new exhibition, shows how interactive technology has changed – and expanded – the way we tell stories.
Holly Nielsen at The Guardian

Hidden Door CEO: AI controversy is about "value," not tech
A fight over who gets to benefit from generative AI tools is what drives furor over their use, says Hidden Door CEO Hilary Mason.
Bryant Francis at Game Developer

Nightmare submarine game gets popular as search for Titanic sub continues
The missing Titan submersible has led to a spike in sales that Iron Lung’s creator felt was ‘wrong’.
Zack Zwiezen at Kotaku

Diablo 4’s marketing campaign is somehow even more unhinged than mobile ads
Blizzard is committed to the demonic bit.
Nicole Carpenter at Polygon


Can you trust ChatGPT’s package recommendations?
ChatGPT can offer coding solutions, but its tendency for hallucination presents attackers with an opportunity. Here's what we learned.
Voyager18 at Vulcan

TypeScript 5.2's new keyword: 'using'
TypeScript 5.2 will introduce a new keyword that you can use to dispose of anything with a Symbol dispose function when it leaves scope.
Matt Pocock at Total TypeScript


Open Source challenge results from Gamedev.js Jam 2023 on The GitHub Blog


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Duelyst - digital collectible card game and turn-based strategy hybrid sources


True flower power

Caressed by the sun

Pod race


Pong Blitz

A Cybernetic Serenade

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