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Palette-swap, point-facet collision detection, and Green New Deal Simulator


Game subscription interest is fizzling out, argues analyst
So many subscription services means companies are having trouble courting completely new users.
Justin Carter at Game Developer

RPG starts offering refunds for people sick of waiting years for it to come out
Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2 was originally supposed to release in 2020.
Isaiah Colbert at Kotaku

Apple's Game Porting Toolkit aims to make Windows game porting easier
Developers can assess bugs and optimize how titles will run on Mac devices before fully porting them over.
Jeffrey Rousseau at GamesIndustryBiz

Sony chief warns technical problems persist for cloud gaming
Promise of technology remains unfulfilled after more than a decade of development.
Kana Inagaki and Leo Lewis at Ars Technica


Primitive objects in JavaScript: when to use them (part 2)
Let’s look closely at the usefulness of primitive objects, exploring how reducing capabilities could be a benefit for your project.
Kirill Myshkin at Smashing Magazine

Snippet: new array methods in JavaScript bring immutability
JavaScript now has a way to change elements, sort, reverse and splice arrays without changing the original, thus giving it immutability.
Christian Heilmann's blog


Palette-swap - image palette swapping and color replacement tool


Point-facet collision detection

Toggled existence

Wobbly lines


Let's build Mega Man in JavaScript

How to make an impossible game: designing Scribblenauts


Green New Deal Simulator

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