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Gamedev.js Weekly #49


Physically based rendering comes to WebGL
If you’re working with real-time 3D, chances are that you want your scenes to look physically accurate.
Will at PlayCanvas blog

Work in the moment
We develop best practices that we follow religiously, we develop enormous lists that never end. In our overzealousness we are often doing ourselves a disservice. I’m here to help you to let go a bit.
invrse blog

The dynamic priority list: how I manage my gamedev projects
Planning a game project and staying on schedule is hard. To keep on top of things, I use a simple system—no apps required, just a pen and some paper.
Ian Richard at Tuts+ Game Development

20 gaming events you don’t want to miss in 2015
Meeting people, getting inspiration and having fun; the gaming industry is full of interesting events. Here is a list of the ones on our radar through next Summer.
Scott Johnston at Spil Games

FGL Community Spotlight – a chat with Matthew Bowden
We caught up with indie triple-threat Matthew Bowden to talk about game development, publishing, and his writing projects.
Brian at FGL

Mobile to boost growth in global ad market over next four years
Mobile advertising will account for the vast majority of growth in the global ad market in the next four years, according to a report released by eMarketer.
Jason Abbruzzese at Mashable

Following the players - my journey from Flash to Mobile
Being an indie developer is so important for me, giving me creative freedom and, more importantly, freedom in my life.
Konstantin Elgazin at Gamasutra


How render cells work in Construct 2
One of the most important optimisations in Construct 2 is the collision cell optimisation.
Ashley Gullen at Scirra's blog

Combining Phaser and Three.js to make 2.5D games
I wanted to incorporate 3D elements into a phaser game and since phaser does not support 3D I started looking at Three.js.
Digital Synapse Software blog

Creating a menu screen with Phaser and Browserify
I am gearing up for the Global Game Jam and I decided to improve my boilerplate code. I made a nifty loading screen, Browserified the whole thing and rearranged my folders.
invrse blog


TxtJS: a Canvas font and typesetting engine for CreateJS

Panda.js version 1.11.0 released


A guide to the Phaser Tween Manager

Game UI inspirations


Three.js simple cloth simulation

CSS only loaders


3D city builder game

Best Firefox OS games - part 2

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