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Pixpaint, flying through hexagons, and Guessdle


Microsoft could start trading ad views for “timed slices of games”
Exec says they're "experimenting" with models beyond Game Pass subscriptions.
Kyle Orland at Ars Technica

Super Mario Bros. Movie has become "powerful touch point"
Nintendo believes the animated flick has the potential to support its video game business in the long-term.
Chris Kerr at Game Developer

Apple allows Axie Infinity crypto game on the App Store
The game’s creator, Sky Mavis, is hopeful Apple allowing users to play Axie Infinity: Origins on the iPhone is a step towards wider adoption of web3 gaming.
RT Watson at The Block


Building Phaser 3 games with Create React App
I will describe how to properly split your code into modules and organize it. We will use Create React App to handle the build configuration for us and create a simple component that displays our game.
Krzysztof Andrelczyk at Medium


Pixpaint - paint with pixels

VanJS: a 1.2kB reactive UI framework


5 Action Steps to Senior Engineer
Swizec Teller, author of Senior Engineer Mindset, shares 5 key action steps to being a true senior engineer in this short and sweet email series.


Flying through hexagons

Atom preloader

Wave systems


Code chess in JavaScript with Ania Kubów



Beam Moo Up

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