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WebGPU, subspace elasticity, and Poor Bunny


Unity laying off 600 workers in search of "long-term and profitable growth"
The engine maker said that executing its restructuring plan will cost around $26 million.
Chris Kerr at Game Developer

Super Smash Bros. retro demake puts Wi-Fi into an NES cartridge
8-bit love letter to Super Smash Bros. reaches Kickstarter goal within 48 hours.
Benj Edwards at Ars Technica

Could AI spell the end of the immersion-breaking NPC?
The technologies behind ChatGPT et al could overcome some of the biggest problems with game world immersivity – but it's no plug and play solution.
Rob Fahey at GamesIndustryBiz


I want to talk about WebGPU
WebGPU is the new WebGL. That means it is the new way to draw 3D in web browsers. It is, in my opinion, very good actually. It is so good I think it will also replace Canvas and become the new way to draw 2D in web browsers.
Andi at Cohost

A guide to adding bullets for FPS Godot games
We’re going over the entire process of creating the bullet object and setting up its properties in the game engine. We’ll also cover the scripting of the projection of the bullets out of the gun being used in the game.
Taciane Martimiano at GameDev Academy


Wonderland Engine 1.0.0 released

Announcing Babylon.js 6.0


Subspace elasticity

Spinning top

Stardew Valley inventory


Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Tipping Stars for the Wii U written in JavaScript


Poor Bunny

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