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Gamedev.js Jam, Phaser 3.60, and JavaScript Equality Table Game


13 video game boss fights that should be crimes against humanity
Creating boss fights is an art form and some games should consider a career in STEM.
Kotaku Staff

World of Warcraft’s most notorious bug inspired this cursed piece of modern art
Artist Harris Rosenblum gets under the (gross) skin of his creation, Relic of the Corrupted Blood.
Oli Welsh at Polygon

"No one" cares about your game - here's why that can be a good thing
CEO of Future Friends Games, Thomas Reisenegger explains how to use this to your marketing advantage.
Holly Green at Game Developer

Here’s the tech used to create a nearly 20-foot-tall Donkey Kong cabinet
The JAMMA adapters, superguns, and low-lag upscalers needed for Kong-scale Kong.
Kevin Purdy at ArsTechnica


Build a HTML5 game like Mini Archer using Phaser and TypeScript – step 2
Adding the archer and a running girl.
Emanuele Feronato's blog

Create a platformer game with Python
You will start by learning the basics of the Pygame library and setting up our platformer game project. Then, you will learn about the game environment and the game's assets.
Beau Carnes at freeCodeCamp


Gamedev.js Jam 2023 start and theme announcement!
Build web games in 13 days to win cool prizes, take on challenges, and most importantly: have fun!


Phaser 3.60 released on 10th anniversary

The Fastest Way to Create HTLM5 Games is Here
All-in-one game creation studio accessible from a web browser. Enables game creators to build, test and release games in days. No backend, zero code.


SwishSwoosh sounds and music game jam pack


Hammered steel

Multicolored particle system

Timing effects


JavaScript Equality Table Game

Trivia Crack

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