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WebGPU, recursion, and Into Ruins


The fall of Kingfall - a Twitter thread
A thread on Matthew Bowden aka TrueValhalla, Kingfall, and how to go from being a local role model to hiding from responsibilities.

Chrome will support the WebGPU API by default — here’s why that’s important
Next-gen web graphics API aims to address the shortcomings of WebGL.
Andrew Cunningham on Ars Technica

Magic Eden forms Web3 Games Collective with leading publishers, communities
The NFT marketplace has teamed up with Yield Guild Games, Game7 and Fenix Games to bring Web3 games mainstream.
Rosie Perper at CoinDesk

Amazon lays off nearly 100 staffers from its gaming divisions
Redundancies come weeks after the firm laid off more than 400 employees from Twitch.
Jeffrey Rousseau at GamesIndustryBiz


Build a HTML5 game like Mini Archer using Phaser and TypeScript – step 1
Creation of an endless terrain with infinite randomly generated targets.
Emanuele Feronato's blog

How to create your first player character in Godot
Whether first-person or third-person, designing the movement and behavior of the player is one of the first processes that we need to go through when creating games.
Taciane Martimiano at GameDev Academy


jsday 2023 conference - both in Verona and online on April 13-14
We're giving away six free tickets on Twitter.


Phaser-3.55-With-Sockets - template for implementing socket.io with Phaser 3

Playmaker for Playdate




CSS only 3 cubes in 3D


Visual Studio Code: learning about the recursion algorithm with Minesweeper


Into Ruins

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