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CleanEdge, bacteriophage, and Dead Again


Vampire Survivors wins Best Game at BAFTA Game Awards
God of War: Ragnarök wins six awards.
Ed Nightingale at Eurogamer

True ownership - the game economy trilemma
Asset price floor, mass market user base, progression utility - pick two.
Catalin Alexandru at Deconstructor of Fun

One John Wick 4 scene was inspired by indie shooter The Hong Kong Massacre
A circle of inspiration in action.
Gloria Levine at 80 Level

Star Citizen still hasn’t launched, but it’s facing server failures
RSI apologizes for "super rough start" to "persistent universe" alpha update.
Kyle Orland at Ars Technica


Modernising a thousand of Phaser examples to ES6
When I started working with the Phaser examples repository, there was roughly 1.700~ examples, from which 1.298 needed some serious JavaScript renewals.
Victor Debone at javascripl

5 ways GDevelop makes it easy to get started with gamedev
GDevlop makes starting game development easier than ever before.
Marcos Codas at Ourcade


Webinar: Analyze player telemetry & improve customer support for gamers w/ Superblocks
Register for Superblocks’ webinar on Wednesday, April 5 at 1pm ET to learn how you can save engineering time building internal tools to monitor in-game player behavior, refund in-app purchases, & send Slack reports.

Powering the gaming industry: how creative studio 1minus1 uses Strapi to build customisable projects


cleanEdge - a pixel art upscaling algorithm for clean rotations

Phaser Editor 2D v3.60 Beta 2 released with Script Nodes



Reflections of lullabies

Looking up


Dead Again on Poki

Athena Crisis landing page

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