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Gamedev.js Weekly #48


Building a Game With a 6-Year-Old
I just open sourced a game I’ve been working on with my 6-year-old son Jack over Thanksgiving weekend.
John Polacek's blog

The ultimate goal as a game developer
“The ultimate goal of a writer is to be read. Money comes later.”
Zeke Chan's blog

Drive Player Immersion With Game Character Psychology
Here are 6 ways developers can use game character psychology in their games.
Scott Johnston at Spil Games

Peter Molyneux learns the harsh lessons of Kickstarter and Early Access
"What I've learned is that doing Kickstarter and Steam Early Access, before you've got something which is defined and playable, is a hugely risky undertaking that can be very destructive to the final quality of the game."
Christian Nutt at Gamasutra

Powered By CocoonJS: Elliot Quest
Today, we want to focus on a very interesting project we knew about some time ago as it was a successfully backed KickStarter project that looked amazing and was highly anticipated: Elliot Quest.
Iker Jamardo at Ludei's blog

Are Freemium Apps Killing Game Developers?
The rise of freemium games has been ferociously quick and it continues to accelerate at an incredible pace.
Ted Nash at Developer Economics



HTML5 Phaser Tutorial: how to create a level selection screen with locked levels and stars
If you are planning to create a game with levels, you should also provide a level select screen.
Emanuele Feronato's blog

Introduction to sprite sheets
The most basic technique for animation comes from quickly overlapping one image with another - our brain blends the images together and we get the illusion of motion.
invrse blog

Web Audio and 3D Soundscapes: Implementation
In this tutorial we will wrap Web Audio in a simple API that focuses on playing sounds within a 3D coordinate space, and can be used for immersive interactive applications including, but not limited to, 3D games.
Si Robertson at Tuts+ Game Development


Phaser 2.2.0 "Bethal" is released

Export your layers as individual images

GameHubIO - real-time multiplayer game server based on Node, Express, SocketIO, MongoDB and ElasticSearch


A Guide to the Phaser Scale Manager

Game Accessibility Guidelines


Merry Pixmas

Fire walk with me - fire shader in WebGL


A Brief History Of Graphics In Video Games

Hunter Loftis at JSConf EU 2014: We Will All Be Game Programmers


Space Journey - evolved js13kGames entry published in Google Play

Shiny Gauntlet, an action rogue-lite adventure

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